Fundashon Bon Intenshon

Fundashon Bon Intenshon is committed to social betterment on Curaçao through (inter)national music, sports, and arts projects with a focus on youth development

Other Projects realized in 2014

In addition to the eye-catching bigger projects organized and supported on Curaçao, the Fundashon regularly supports various other smaller projects on the island or abroad.

One of these projects that was realized with the help of the Fundashon is the annual Goois Jazz Festival in the Netherlands, that donates its proceeds to various good causes each year. The full proceeds of the 2014 edition of the festival in the amount of Eur 50,000 was donated to the Princess Maxima Center for Child Oncology.

In May of 2014, the first ever Papiamentu translation of the world famous The Prophet, a book of 26 prose poetry essays written in English by the Lebanese artist, philosopher and writer Kahlil Gibran was presented to the public. During a festive gathering at NAAM (National Archaeological-Antropological Memory Management) the first copy was presented by artist and translator Ms Hilda de Windt Ayoubi to the Minister of Education, Ms Irene Dick.