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Músika Curaçao shows the soul of the Curaçao music world


Músika Curaçao shows the soul of the Curaçao music world
With an introduction by Barry Hay

Available in stores on Curaçao now: Músika Curaçao, a photo documentary book about Curaçao musicians. Through words and images, the book penetrates the sou of the Curaçao music world. From the influences of slavery to hip-hop, from jazz to classical music, from opera to choir singing.

In Músika Curaçao, photographer Sinaya Wolfert and journalist Jeannette van Ditzhuijzen present a portrait of some fifty musicians that can be considered musical ambassadors of the island that shine on international stages. These include opera singer Tania Kross, singers Giovanca, Kris Berry, and Izaline Calister, pianists Randal Corsen and Harold Martina, percussionist Pernell Saturnino, singer Junior Tecla, classical guitarist Julian Coco who passed away this year, and steelpannist Konkie Halmeyer.MusikaCuracao

Musicians who remained on Curaçao during their career are also highlighted. The ‘emperor’ of tumba, Boy Dapp, for example, who as a four-year old boy used to secretly listen in to his father’s music. Or the 91 year old Serapio Pinedo who is still passionately involved in making his beloved ka’i organs behind his house in Banda Abou. He taught himself to make these portable organs that play, among other things, the Curaçao waltz. These waltzes have often been composed by one of the members of the illustrious and musical Palm family. Descendants of this family still play an important role in the music world of the island and beyond.

Photographer Sinaya Wolfert took pictures of the musicians during their performances and but also during rare moments of rest as well as capturing those places where they can frequently be seen or heard. Jeannette van Ditzhuijzen interviewed the musicians about their childhood, their love for music, and their careers.


Dutch singer Barry Hay, of Golden Earring and a resident of Curaçao has, in the meantime, developed a passion for the Curaçao music scene. In his introduction to this colorful and musical book, he makes a link with the Netherlands where ever more Curaçao musicians achieve success with their music.

The book Músika Curaçao came about with sponsorship from, among others, Fundashon Bon Intenshon.